Training Training

It is recommended that all educators participate in the Media Ready program's comprehensive, interactive, one-day Teacher Training Workshop conducted by certified Media Ready trainers.

Among the topics are:

  • Introduction to the research on the effectiveness of media literacy training for the purpose of substance abuse prevention
  • The theoretical model underlying the program, in other words, the scientific thinking that drives how the program was developed
  • A guided discussion the goals and methods of each lesson in detail
  • Guided discussion of the material included in the program kit
  • Modeling of and interactive participation in the lesson activities
  • Multiple opportunities for deconstructing advertisements and media messages

Upon workshop completion, teachers receive the Teacher Manual and associated materials, so that when they leave, they are prepared to teach MR.

Fidelity to the Program

It is important to note that the results of any scientific or evidence-based trial are achieved through teachers being faithful to the program, meaning that teachers complete the training and also teach all ten lessons, over a period of approximately ten days.  This fidelity to the program relates directly to the achievement of the intended goals of the program.  It is highly recommended that all teachers who intend to teach MR to children in their classes complete the training.

Contact Us about the Teacher Training Workshop.

For additional information about the Teacher Training Workshop, please refer to the FAQ or contact the innovation Research & Training (iRT).


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